For ultrasounds no. When performing an ultrasound there is no guarantee as to what we will be able to see during your scan. Neither we or you have control over the little one in your womb. Our technician has over 17 years experience and has many tricks to try to get baby to cooperate. She will try her best to reposition you to get baby in a more favorable position. However, we are dealing with little people with their own minds and sometimes they just don’t want to cooperate with us. If this should happen we do allow you to come back within one to two weeks, between 9am-5pm, to try again free of charge. Please keep this in mind if you drive a long distance to get an ultrasound done at our facility, a second trip may be necessary.

For DNA Gender blood tests in certain circumstances yes. If the lab gets an inconclusive  result you have the option of a refund or a free retest a week later. If the free retest is still inconclusive the lab does not test again, a refund will be issued. If the lab gives you a wrong result, tells you it’s a boy and you have a girl or vice versa, once the baby is born provide us a copy of the birth certificate and a refund will be issued.